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As we wind down the end of 2016, the 2017 Season and Design of the 2017 entry is well underway .

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#HARE17 - Introductions and New Suppliers

The Team would like to congratulate last years team on a successful year in the face of adversity, with the HARE 16 proving a solid platform from which to build upon this coming year. This year, the Team's diverse line-up is arguably its strongest yet, with over 40 students committed to the project and countless more assisting throughout the academic year in their area of expertise.

#HARE17: Powered by Triumph

Team HARE takes a bold leap forward with the announcement of Triumph Motorcycles as powertrain and additional components supplier for the #HARE17 project! Following a revision in the IMechE Formula Student regulations for 2017, the Team has successfully sourced a powerful 675cc three-cylinder package from Triumph; alongside technical data, discounts across a range of parts and support throughout the academic year.

Jake Hornsby (Technical Director) said, "We hugely excited to be working alongside one of the world's most established motorcycle, and specifically for us, engine manufacturers. Having Triumph as a major partner for #HARE17 will help take the Team to the next level! The combination of Triumph power and the #HARE17 design will undoubtedly prove to be a potent package, and the Team looks forward to testing their new engines in the near future.

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